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"I have been utilizing your Appliance Protection plan for over five years. It has been a great public relations tool and benefit for my patients and their parents. I recommend NorthStar's Appliance Protection to all my orthodontic comrades."

- Dr. Jerome Goldberg (Monroe, NY)

Frankel I - for Class I and II cases with minimal crowding

Frankel II - for Class II division 1 and 2 cases

Frankel III - for skeletal Class III cases

Refer to the instruction guide under "resources" for detailed information.

Suggested wire sizes:
.028 - Lower Lingual Springs
.036 - Upper Lingual Springs
.032 - Cuspid Guidance
.032 - Molar Rests
.036 - Labial Bow
.045 - Omega Wire
.051 - Body Wire
The Frankel appliance, developed by Dr. Rolf Frankel of Germany, works within the vestibule of the mouth. It holds away the tissue of the lips and chin allowing the skeletal system to develop in its most natural way.

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