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"Thank you, NorthStar, for more than 20 years of specialized service. My needs have been very specific, probably differing from normal techniques, and I know that I have been difficult to please at times, but I greatly appreciate your interest in helping me design appliances. I know your services will continue at the high quality you have always provided me with."

- Dr. R. J. Gibson (Fergus Falls, MN)

Digital File Storage

For quick, easy access to the files you need, you’ll want to integrate your digital models into your Patient Management software. But to provide you with an added peace of mind, NorthStar Orthodontics will keep a copy of all models on our secure server for three years. And even then, the models will simply be archived, making them retrievable upon request. 

Although additional lead-time may be required for such retrievals, attaching the specific NorthStar case number can potentially expedite your storage retrieval requests. It’s all part of NorthStar’s digital efforts to make sure your orthodontic needs are met time and again.

To learn more about NorthStar Orthodontics and our digital file storage capabilities, visit our Resources & FAQs sections, or call us at 800.346.0011