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"You guys are just the best! I got myself into a pickle about an appliance and didn't even know what to ask for. Your staff and I faxed drawings back and forth until we came up with exactly what I wanted. And, oh my gosh, our patients absolutely love what you can do with designs in retainers - they can print out a design on their computer and you find a way to make it appear in their retainer. If we need something rushed you are accommodating - super accurate and dependable!"

- MaryJo from the office of Dr. Robert Ross (Florence, KY)



Excellent for consultations, patient education, and even minor measurements, NorthStar Orthodontics provides this proprietary software FREE with any of our digital model services. Because of its relatively small file size, this software can be easily installed on any desktop computer to allow for easy viewing of digital models. Plus, models can be fully rotated as occluded model sets or as individual arches, while a zoom feature can allow for close inspection.  


OrthoAnalyzer™ Standard

Now there’s an easy way to add functionality to your digital models. With this software option, you can open a set of models and instantly have a full array of measurement and treatment planning tools at your fingertips. Some of the features include: 

  • Cross-sectional views
  • Point-to-point measurement
  • Measuring grids
  • Overbite and overjet analysis tools
  • Occlusion analysis
  • Automatic arch analysis
  • Available space analysis with various collection methods

All of these analysis functions are fully documented in a series of detailed reports, and you can have it all right away for a small monthly fee. 


OrthoAnalyzer™ Premium

Explore the future of orthodontic technology by stepping up to OrthoAnalyzer™ Premium. It contains all the functionality of the Standard software with the added ability to separate individual teeth for movement. This allows for set-ups to be made and exported for resin printing of models for appliance construction. It also eases the transition to post-treatment simulations, which can be effective motivational tools. Plus, all tooth movements are accurately measured from all planes and displayed in easy-to-read reports. 


To learn more about NorthStar Orthodontics and our 3Shape software options, visit our Resources & FAQs sections, or call us at 800.346.0011 today.